The City of Sugar Creek has over 900 water accounts in the city, this does not include residents that are on the City of Independence water system that is located in Sugar Creek.

Sugar Creek buys our water from the City of Independence water department then is distributed to residents through the water system.  The City of Independence supplies water to about 250,000 people, including residents of Sugar Creek and 11 wholesale customers.

The water is supplied from 40 wells located at the Courtney Bend Water Treatment Plant. The well water is softened and disinfected at the treatment plant and exceeds all federal, state, and local quality regulations.

2023 Annual Water Quality Report

The 2023 calendar year Consumer Confidence Annual Water Quality Report for the City of Sugar Creek will NOT be mailed to each individual customer but is available online at http://www.dnr.mo.gov/ccr/MO1010773.pdf

A copy of the report can be requested at the City Hall and Public Works building. This report is intended to provide you with valuable information about your drinking water and the efforts made to provide safe drinking water.

If there are any questions regarding this report, please feel free to contact Public Works 816-252-4413.