Covid 19 Information

The City of Sugar Creek is a fourth-class in the County of Jackson, Missouri. As such, Sugar Creek is bound by the Covid 19 rules and restrictions that the Jackson County Health Department sets. These are different many times from what Independence and Kansas City Health Departments set. As of early March, the Jackson County Health Department relaxed many rules and restrictions. For now, group size has moved from a maximum of 10 to a maximum of 50. The group's organizer may fill out a Gathering Protocol for the County explaining why they will be exceeding the 50 person limit and how the organizer will still require mask wearing, social distancing and hand washing. Indoor dining occupancy has moved from 25% to 50% with the same restrictions on masks, distancing and hand washing. Lastly, bars and restaurants may remain open past 10:00 PM.  Their closing time is the time set on their liquor application. 

For more Covid 19 information, please refer to any of the websites below:>coronavirus>2019-ncov
Jackson County Rental Assistance Program: